Activate Easy Cut Studio

Online Activation Instructions:

When launching the application and you should see the window below, Alternatively, you can click Help > Activate... .

Demo Mode Window

Click on the Activate button, Enter your Name and Serial Number, then click on the OK button. The serial number can be found in your purchase confirmation email. It is a 30-digit number with dashes in it.

Activate Window

Below are the most common reasons for program activation failures:

Activate manually

If you do NOT have an internet connection on the computer that the software is installed on, Please submit the following information to us, and then we will generate your activation code manually.

The Serial number is obtained from your purchase confirmation e-mail. The Site Code is obtained by running the program and choosing "Activate.." and checking the "Activate Manually" option.

Activate Manually

Deactivate License

To deactivate the license used on the current computer, launch Easy Cut Studio, click Help > Deactivate... . After you release the license on an existing computer, you can activate it on another computer.

Deactivate license

Contact Us Directly

If you have any activation questions, our friendly support team is available via email. Click below to get in touch: