How to select a computer cutting plotter ?

Select Cutting Plotter

Computer cutting plotter is a device that uses a computer to control the cutting plotter through command, and then cutting plotter will then engrave text or graphics on objects to be engraved. Computer cutting plotter can create beautiful shapes, patterns and text on papers as well as a variety of materials like stickers, reflective film to create sensational shapes, patterns and texts.

In a world of information we live today, the Internet is filled with information about cutting plotters’ performance and parameters. There are many different brands, different price range, just like stars in the sky! When facing such a tremendous range of of models and brands for selection, how do we choose a cutting plotter that best fit our purpose?

We are going to provide you with the following reference:

1. First, consider the performance parameters of the cutting plotter. For example: the cutting speed of the computer cutting plotter. The fast cutting means time saving, and this means the author of advertisement industry can have more income in the same time during production. What defines the speed of the cutting plotter is the motor acceleration, so it is important to pay attention to this parameter.

2. Ability to feed paper: A good ability to feed paper means you can maintain superior quality when cutting large-scale advertising signs.

3. The pressure of cutting knife: A heavy knife pressure can cut more different materials. Knife pressure refers to the pressure the knife head exerts to the sticker during engraving since the precision is different, a user should purchase cutting plotter with high knife pressure. With the aging of cutting plotter, the maximum knife pressure can never be reached. So, you should buy a cutting plotter with high cutting knife pressure.

4. Width is embodied into the price of computer cutting plotter. Cutting plotter of the same brand will have a much higher price with greater width, moreover, the larger the difference in price. The reason of price increase is because the increase in width is not just extending the dimension, but a higher demand in technology and the manufacturing process.

5. Precision is the icon to determine whether a computer-cutting plotter is of high quality. Whether it is repetition precision or mechanical precision, the higher the precision, the better the outcome, and this is one key important factor to consider. Whether a cutting plotter is good or not depends on whether there is a change of shape or text or deviation when dealing with a long piece of paper.

6. There are two roles for cache: Firstly, during engraving, the data transmission from the computer to the cutting plotter can be done quickly. This way, when the cutting plotter operates, the computer can move on to the next task; secondly, re-engraving can directly be done with the cutting plotter. This means that the computer can operate on current tasks that are irreverent to engraving, which improves the working efficiency. When you consider the factor of graphic, 1MB cache is still necessary.

7. Should choose a large company with excellent after-sales service. The company should have perfect after-sales service system, product warranty and maintenance, which can help you to solve problems immediately. Long-term supply of spare parts and new technologies for free upgrades.

8. Apart from that, consider whether the cutting plotter support third party vinyl cutting software such as Easy Cut Studio. Normally, the software accompany with the cutting plotter is not easy to use, and is unstable. Hence, a set of easy to use cutting software is important. It can make your cutting work easier and more efficient.

The types of cutting plotter you should not buy:

The above is an introduction for cutting plotter purchase, I hope everyone can buy their ideal cutting plotter.

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