How to maintain the vinyl cutting plotter?

Maintain vinyl cutter

During sales, a lot of dealers said that their cutting plotter requires minimum maintenance, and a customer can bring it back the machine for repair when malfunctions. Although the maintenance of cutting plotter is simple, all you need to do is to change the parts and is very convenient. If the maintenance work is not done properly, you need to fix it once a year, or a few months. Even if you do not need to pay for it during the warranty period, it will cause you a delay of work. So, users are recommended to maintain it well. You should only repair it when there are no alternatives. So, what type of maintenance work a user must perform?

The cutting plotter that we are referring to is a system, this ranges from the computer controlled, graver that is driven by the cutting plotter, the engraved object ( generally are sticky notes and plastic film) that is the text of illustration that is already designed on the computer. So, how do we maintain the vinyl cutter, cutting plotter? Below we will simply describe the problems due to poor maintenance of the machine.

Limiters: when some of the cars in the machine initializes, they move to one end and then come to a stop. If the car continues to move and collide with the machine, this means that the limiter is not working properly, or the limiter fails to detect the car. This means that the cars’ Positioning component is outside the limiters’ specified range. In this case, you only need to adjust it. If the cars fail to move during initialization, usually it means that it is too dusty and blocked the limiters’ light detector position. In this case, you only need to pay attention to maintaining it to remove dust frequently.

Cable car: If the user is using a tape measure to replace the cable, then it is easy to break in the scroll. So, a user should make adjustment immediately when they hear abnormal sound. He/She should not wait until it breaks before maintenance. This part is outside of warranty.

Cutter stand: The cutter stand needs to have the cutter placed frequently. After using it for a period of time, it is necessary to lubricate the bearing with oil.

Belt: Usually it is required to pay more attention to see whether the teeth on the belt have suffered from wear and tear or not. It can neither be too loose or tight. This component is not part of the warranty.

Many users do not pay attention to the warranty after they have purchased the vinyl cutter, cutting plotter. They will bring the machine directly back to repair when the machine is a malfunction. They do not only hold up the job but also damage the machine. It is necessary to have maintenance periodically to save you both time and capital.

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