Sign Cutting Software for Liyu Vinyl Cutter/Plotter

Liyu Cutting Plotters

Easy Cut Studio is the most powerful and easy to use sign cutting software for Windows and macOS. The latest version is fully compatible with all Liyu vinyl cutter/plotter models. Now both Mac and Windows users can using Easy Cut Studio to cut virtually any shapes and signs with the Liyu cutting plotter. And most importantly: cut your artwork on any Liyu vinyl cutter – fast, smoothly and precisely.

The software supports all the Liyu vinyl cutting plotters including:

Liyu Vinyl Cutter Setup Instructions:

To use Liyu Vinyl Cutter in Easy Cut Studio, we first have to specify which machine you will be using. Please go to the Cutter menu -> Manage My Cutters and add the Liyu option.

Manage Cutters

Select your Liyu vinyl cutter/plotter model from the "Company/Brand" drop down box and the click Add to list.

Add Liyu631E Vinyl Cutter

Create or import your design and click the Cutter icon from the toolbar. and then it will open Cut Settings dialog box. In this dialog box, please select the appropriate Connection type and Port. Keep the other parameters as it is by default. and then click the Cut button.

Tip: If you are connecting Liyu vinyl cutter via a USB connection you must install the USB driver that came with your cutter first. (You can download the latest version of USB driver for both Windows and MAC machines from, If you are using an older Liyu cutter, you may need to download the USB driver from the link below. ). This will create an extra COM or USB port that you can select in the Easy Cut Studio "Cut Settings" dialog box.

Cut Settings window

If you've followed these instructions but are still having trouble setting up your Liyu vinyl cutter, please contact our technical support for assistance.

About Liyu:

Liyu is one of the high quality vinyl cutting plotter from China. The LIYU SC631-A comes with quality parts and provides perfect cutting each time. The installation is very easy and the cutter is fully compatible with both macOS and Windows.

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