Create your own decals with Easy Cut Studio

If you own a vinyl cutting plotter and you are using Easy Cut Studio, it’s time to start doing your own decals! Creating your custom decals is a very simple process that can help you decorate your home and car, or it can be the beginning of your own small business. Customized items are very popular these days and you can use your creativity to make some profit.

You can download a full working version of Easy Cut Studio here. The demo copy is fully functional, with watermarks added until you register.


Step-by-Step Guide to Create your own custom decals

The first thing you will need to do is to open your design or create a new one using Easy Cut Studio. You can use text or images but remember to select "Weld" or go to the "Path" menu and select "Union" to weld all elements and remove overlapping lines.

Weld and Union

Tip: If you are cutting a small design on a vinyl roll, you can add a rectangle around it to make it easier to weed and save your roll from being cut. I’m doing that for each vinyl colour I’m using.

Add a Rectangle

If your design is just one colour, just go to the "Cutter" menu. If your design includes more than one colour, select all the elements you want to cut together, go to the "Cutter" menu and check "Cut selection only" to cut only the elements you have previously selected.

Select and Cut

Remember you can choose the cut mode between "WYSIWYG" and "Origin Point" to make the most of your vinyl.

Choose the Cut Mode

Set the Presets to "Vinyl" or use your custom presets to get the most accurate cut. Load your material into the machine and press "Cut".

Load your material

Once your first colour is cut, load your next vinyl colour and just repeat the cutting process till you have all your pieces ready.

Complete cutting process

Now it’s time to weed your design. Weeding means to remove all vinyl parts that don’t belong to your design. Do it for every colour.

Weeding your design

Remove all vinyl parts

Cut a piece of your transfer paper, slightly bigger than your design. I’m using, as a reference, the notebook where I’m going to place it.

Cut Transfer Paper

Place your transfer paper on the first piece of your decal and stick it using your scraper. Remove the backing paper of your vinyl and repeat the process with all your pieces.

Stick Decal

Use the backing paper of your transfer sheet or the backing paper from your vinyl to prevent it to stick to other surfaces and help you align the pieces.

Align the Pieces

Use the backing paper

Now you have your decal ready to stick wherever you want. If you can, clean the surface where you are going to add your decal using some alcohol and a clean cloth. Use the border of your transfer paper to help you place the decal on the surface before sticking it.

Decal Ready to Stick

Once it's right in place, use your scraper to adhere it. Remove the transfer paper and rub it again to be sure it’s perfectly set in place.

Remove the transfer paper

Create customized decal

You’ve just created your first customized decal! Now you are ready to personalize anything you want. Using Easy Cut Studio there’s no limit to your creativity. Let’s start creating!

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